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    What is a mixed online and classroom based curriculum?
    Students attend both onsite classes and internet based classes. Locations and Times for onsite classes will vary depending on the age/class bracket the student-parent team has chosen to participate in at the school.
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    What are "hands-on training" classes and "life skills" classes?
    Learning to change a tire and do your taxes are not common skills taught in the typical classroom. Students will learn skills necessary for their success as adults, like the two here, and they will also be able to work with community based professionals to experience what life is like outside of school.
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    My courses and my schedule. What does that mean for me?
    What do you want to learn? The core educational standards still apply but the bulk of your learning, the hands-on and life skills courses, are chosen by you.
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    Enrollment is always open?
    Yes. You can transfer into our program at any point in the school year, or even summer. And we will help you accomplish that transition.
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    How much does The Wallkerr School cost?
    There is a base cost for your curriculum but some courses have added fees for materials. (Core classes have no additional cost).
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    But really, how much does it cost?
    Base cost, including curriculum and access to hands-on training and life skills classes is $200 per month. You deserve a great education. Don't let cost stop you. We will happily help, as funds are available, with scholarships.